BB gets new President

Jan 2013    

Mr Tan Kok Heng (left), the previous Brigade President, hands over the Brigade Colours to Dr Ho Yew Kee, the new Brigade President, as a symbol of the passing on of leadership. Witnessing the handover is the Honorary President, Lt-Gen (Ret) Winston Choo Wee Leong. – The Boys’ Brigade Singapore picture.

ON NOV 23 LAST YEAR, at the 79th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of The Boys’ Brigade (BB) in Singapore, the Brigade Council elected its new Brigade President for 2013- 2014 – Dr Ho Yew Kee. He took over the post from Mr Tan Kok Heng, who stepped down after six years as Brigade President. Mr Tan was appointed Honorary Vice-President at the same meeting.


Dr Ho, who is 49 years old, joined the 1st Singapore Company of the BB in 1977. He came to know the Lord during his time in the BB, and continues to serve in the Company to this day. At the national level, he has been the Brigade Treasurer (2002-2009) and Vice President of the BB (2010-2012), overseeing Education and Development work.


In his address at the AGM, he outlined two main things which he hoped to strive towards during his term. He said that the work of the BB presented a great opportunity to reach out to the next generation of people who would be the future leaders of society. “The world is becoming increasingly more complex, and the BB will have to adjust to the changes. We will need to relook and rethink our methods in the dynamics of a fast-changing world”, said Dr Ho.


He also emphasised the importance of the volunteer corps in the BB. He stressed: “We will need to look at retooling our officers, to make them great assets to the school and to the community. We need the experienced officers who know where the BB has been and what we can continue doing. We also need the vibrancy of our young officers to help us think outside the box.”


An accountant by training, he obtained his Bachelor’s degree with first-class honours and Master’s degree from Monash University, Australia. He is a Certified Public Accountant. He graduated with a Master’s in Industrial Administration and a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, the United States.


He has taught in Monash University, Carnegie Mellon University, and is currently an associate professor at the National University of Singapore Business School where he is also ViceDean (Finance and Administration). He teaches financial accounting and financial management in the graduate and undergraduate program.


Dr Ho worships at Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church and is an elder of the church where he still preaches occasionally. He is married with two sons, Weng Shian and Yi Shian, both of whom joined The Boys’ Brigade in Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary). His wife, Huey Huey, is an accountant.


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