About church archives and Methodism and the poor

Mar 2004    
REV DR MACQUIBAN: To address the need to preserve documents. - Methodist Message picture.

British scholar’s talks on March 26

METHODISM’S historical concern for the poor will be discussed on March 26 at the Methodist Centre when the British scholar, the Rev Dr Tim Macquiban, makes a return visit to Singapore.

A trained archivist and current Principal at Sarum College, in Salisbury, England, the Rev Dr Macquiban spoke several years ago to Methodist church archivists on the importance of record keeping.

He will speak again on March 26 about church archives as well as the topic of his recent Ph.D. research, “Methodist responses to the poor: from Wesley to today”.
He will address two sessions at the Methodist Centre at Barker Road. The first session, at 7.30 pm, will be for church archivists and leaders in the new Archives facility on Level 4. He will address the urgent need of preserving current and historical church documents. Too often churches carelessly throw away valuable records to the detriment of future generations.

This session will be followed by a light tea at 8.15 pm at Sophia Blackmore Hall on Level 6, after which, at 8.30 pm, the Rev Dr Macquiban will address the topic about Methodism and the poor. There will be time for questions afterwards.

The speaker will also be preaching the same day at the regular morning chapel service at Trinity Theological College.

The Rev Dr Macquiban has served as archivist, librarian, pastor, tutor and lecturer prior to taking his current post at Sarum College, an ecumenical theological college serving the needs of churches in adult Christian education. He has written numerous articles on Methodist history as well as a recent book published by Abingdon on Methodist responses to the poor.

The Methodist Centre talks are free. However, owing to limited seating, reservations for the Archives talk are recommended. For further information or to reserve your seat, please call the Bishop’s Office at 6478-4781 or 6478-4782.


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