Dinner held to raise hospice awareness

Feb 2006    
President and Mrs Nathan with members of the dinner organising committee. – MHF picture.

THE “Thanks For The Memory” dinner organised by the Methodist Hospice Fellowship (MHF) on behalf of the Singapore Hospice Council was one of the programmes held recently during the Hospice and Palliative Care Week.

One of the objectives of the dinner was to bring together the care-receivers and care-givers in remembrance of those who have passed on under the care of the hospice organisations in Singapore. It was also a time to remember the many valuable lessons on how to make each day special which the dying have shown to the living.

Held at the Oriental Hotel on Oct 12, 2005 and graced by President S. R. Nathan and Mrs Nathan, its aim was to raise hospice awareness.

Several heartwarming responses to the dinner were received. Metta Hospice Care shared that the dinner was a memorable event for all of them and especially one of their care-receivers, Nurul Huda, who was able to meet Mr Nathan personally and to have a photo taken with him.

Another care-receiver wrote: “We enjoyed the dinner and it was also a memorable time for us. We had the opportunity of making new friends and sharing our difficulties and struggles during those difficult times. We also shared on the tremendous support and help we received both physically and spiritually from the Methodist Hospice Fellowship.”

The dinner was also a time of remembrance for Dame Cicely Saunders who died on July 14, 2005. The MHF owes all the precious memories of caring for the dying to her as she was the pioneer of modern hospice care.

Dame Saunders insisted that dying people should receive dignity, compassion and respect. The MHF will always remember the lesson she taught about caring for the dying:

“You matter because you are you You matter to the last moment of your life, And we will do all we can Not only to help you die peacefully, But to live until you die.”

Organising the dinner was a spiritually enriching experience for the chairman, Mrs Helen Tan, and members of the dinner committee. They experienced the grace and providence of God as they faced and overcame the many problems encountered. It was indeed a humbling experience to see the Hand of God at work.

Dr Patrick Kee, Vice-Chairman of “Thanks For The Memory” dinner organising committee, is a doctor with the Methodist Hospice Fellowship.


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