‘Together as one’, we pray

Feb 2017    
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When your church’s prayer leader says “Let us pray for the Methodist Church” and you dutifully bow your head over clasped hands, what images come to your mind? Do you see:

Many of us have stories to tell of how we have been touched by the ministry and nurture of our local churches. Imagine the impact we could have on our community – even on the world – if such stories were multiplied by our 46 Methodist churches, and magnified by cross-church collaboration among our 42,000-strong disciples. How many lives might Christ reach and touch through our united hands?

All this begins with a quite literal uniting of hands in one of the most basic Christian actions: Prayer. Undergirding our ministries and efforts at various levels is the vital lifeblood of seeking the Lord, aligning our desires and will to His, discerning His leading, making heartfelt requests in line with His will, and thanking Him for His active and living work in the world.

Will you join us in this simple, yet critical act of committing the work of the MCS to our Lord?

Above is a simplified visualisation of The Methodist Church in Singapore, to guide you in praying for our Church and its ministries. Stay tuned for more centrespread articles focusing on key ministries in upcoming issues of Methodist Message, and sign up at tinyurl.com/pray4mcs for monthly prayer updates right in your inbox.

P.S. Have a story to tell of how you have been touched by the ministry and nurture of your local Methodist church? Send it to us at newmm@methodist.org.sg and we may publish it in MM to encourage other believers!


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