A time for sharing

Aug 2018    

The Methodist Missions Society (MMS) held its Missionary Retreat from 26 to 29 June, immediately after the GoForth 2018 National Missions Conference. The retreat is a biennial event during which our missionaries return for a time of fellowship, sharing and learning.

Through the teaching on prayer, many were refreshed, led, inspired and empowered by the Spirit to fulfil Christ’s mandate to make disciples of all nations. We were reminded to continue praying, and to speak healing, forgiveness and empowerment to one another.

The retreat was an enriching experience for our missionaries, their children and the volunteers who served during the event. It affirmed that we have a God who loves us and wants to have an intimate relationship with each of us, whether we be adult or child. We should always trust in the faithfulness and provision of the Lord of the harvest!

Over the last two years, MMS sent nine new missionaries to the field. The sharing by them inspired and encouraged the more experienced missionaries as they looked back at their own faith journeys.

“The sharing by missionaries from the various mission fields not only touched our hearts, but also encouraged us to continue in our respective ministries with greater faith and confidence in God’s provision and faithfulness.”
—Suzanna Lee, missionary in Cambodia

“One day, we surprised a local church by joining their worship service to fellowship with them, but we were the ones to be surprised. I was invited to preach on the spot. God put words in me as I delivered the message in Thai, even though my proficiency in that language was limited. This was one of many difficult situations that God has seen me through and I know He will continue to do so.”
—Vincent Lim, missionary in Thailand

For the first time, a children’s programme was organised to enable the missionaries with families to focus on their own retreat, knowing that their children were well taken care of.

One of the sessions taught the children how to hear God. One of the children shared:

“Trying to listen to God is hard, because I often don’t know whether I am hearing God speaking, or my own thoughts. Today, I learnt that God can speak to me in pictures, visions and even things I encounter daily.”
—Zoe Nicole Lee, 12 (daughter of Benjamin Lee, missionary in Cambodia)

“Looking back on the two days with the wonderful children, I see our Abba Father showing to us once again His goodness and amazing love.”
—Margaret Ng, facilitator of the children’s programme, who worships at Pentecost Methodist Church

Pray for:

  1. our missionaries and their families—for God’s protection and provision
  2. our Home Office—that God will provide able leaders to lead our teams in the field
  3. each of us to realise the plans that God has for us

Noel Tam is the MMS Home Director. He worships at Pentecost Methodist Church

Photos courtesy of Pentecost Methodist Church


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