ACS staff reminded to give all honour to God

Mar 2005    

IT WAS a fitting start to the year as all the staff from the Anglo-Chinese Schools were reminded at the Staff Dedication Service for 2005 to give praise and honour to God in their work and in their own lives.

The service, held at Barker Road Methodist Church on Jan 7, 2005, commenced with a welcome address by Mr Ng Eng Chin, Principal of ACS (Barker Road), followed by a time of singspiration and worship, led by Mr Tan Chong Tze, Principal of ACS (Junior).

Mr Tan Wah Thong, Chairman of the ACS Board of Governors, then introduced, with great joy, the staff from ACS (International), the latest addition to the ACS family. The entire congregation showed its welcome with a warm and resounding applause.

The setting up of ACS (International) marked a new milestone for ACS as it will serve as a springboard for the establishment of such international schools elsewhere in China and the region, said Mr Tan in his address.

He congratulated the Rev Dr John Barrett, Mr Richard Lim, Mrs Kathryn Koh, Mrs Grace Choo and Ms Christine Bok on their appointments as Principal of ACS (International), Principal of ACS (Primary), Vice-Principal of ACS (Barker Road), Vice-Principal of ACS (Primary), and Vice-Principal of ACS (Junior), respectively. Mr Tan also congratulated Mrs Goh Chi Lan on her appointment as Executive Director of ACS (International).

During the service, the ACS staff also took time to observe a moment of silence and to pray for the victims of the tsunami disaster. The offering collected was donated to help in the relief effort.

Bishop Dr Robert Solomon’s message on “Working with the Master Teacher”, expounded from Luke 5: 1–11, was an inspiration to all present. The teachers present were once again encouraged to rediscover the joy and passion of teaching, and to renew their vocation and sense of mission.

By working with Jesus, the Master Teacher, one would never feel alone, but would instead be always blessed with hope and encouragement all through the way. Then they will be equipped to press on in the education of the “heart, mind and soul” of the charges under their wings.

Indeed, the Staff Dedication Service has helped to foster a sense of unity among the ACS schools and to reaffirm our sense of mission in the teaching vocation.

Christine Wong is a teacher at ACS (Barker Road).

Carnival ACS 1 to raise funds for tsunami relief effort

CARNIVAL ACS 1 — the very first carnival on the Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) Campus — will be held on March 12, 2005.

Conceptualised at the end of last year, it aims to raise funds to provide quality education for every ACS boy. However, in the light of the recent tsunami disaster and in keeping with the ACS Spirit – that asks all to go beyond oneself, to give back to the community and to help those in need – the principals, staff and Parents’ Support Group have decided that the first $100,000 raised through the sale of Carnival coupons will be channelled towards the tsunami relief effort.

With this new dimension to the fund-raising efforts, the organising committee decided to move the original date of Feb 26 to March 12 so that the schools will be able to reach out to more people. There will be plenty of food and challenging games. The committee hopes that ACSians from all the ACS family of schools will come and help make this event a success, enabling the school to help those whose lives have been affected by the tragedy.


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