Nov 2002    

1. Seth was one of A_ _ _’s sons.

2. Noah lived till he was _ _ _ years old before he died.

3. Shem and J_ _ _ _ _ _ covered their father’s (Noah) nakedness with a garment.

4. The people gathered to build a tower that would reach heaven but God confused their languages. That is why it is called the Tower of B_ _ _ _.

5. A r_ _ _ _ _ _ across the sky was to be the sign of God’s covenant with Noah.

6. Who set out with Abram from Haran after God spoke to him? L_ _.

7. Who was the Egyptian maidservant who bore Abram a son called Ishmael?
H_ _ _ _.

8. When Isaac was 40 years old, he was married to R_ _ _ _ _ _, daughter of Bethuel.

9. E_ _ _ _ was taken by God into heaven after he lived 365 years.

10. At the end of Genesis, J_ _ _ _ _ was embalmed and placed in a coffin in Egypt.


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The Bible Quiz is open to those 21 years and below.
The first two all-correct entries opened will win a $20 voucher each from the
Methodist Book Room. The names of the winners and the answers to Bible Quiz
No. 38 will be published in the next issue of Methodist Message.
Entries close on Nov 10, 2002. Send in your entries now!

ANSWERS TO QUIZ NO. 37: 1. North; 2. almond; 3. Sash; 4. silence; 5. Zephaniah; 6. Nahum;
7. Matthew; 8. Pharisee; 9. flesh; 10. Pentecost.

The two winners of last month’s Bible Quiz No. 37 are Grace Goh Hui Yi, 10, and Justina Chiang, 10. They will be notified by post.


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