Book for food lovers

Feb 2002    

COVENANT Community Methodist Church (CCMC) has produced a cookbook, “A Treasured Collection“.


Very often at church gatherings and special occasions, CCMC members would enjoy the delicious home-cooked fare prepared by the women of the church. It was then felt that these precious recipes could be preserved to be shared with all who love food.


What makes “A Treasured Collection” unique is its menu-planning focus. This had been thoughtfully drawn up to benefit all who need to cook daily and those who need special menus for special occasions.


To date, almost half of the 3,000 copies of the book have been sold since the book went on sale last December. Proceeds from the sale of the book – priced at $25 a copy – will be channelled to assist women in distress.


Those who wish to buy the book can contact the CCMC office at tel: 466-9652.


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