Building a young adult network

Jan 2013    

YOUNG ADULTS can look forward to a series of events aimed at bringing together young adults from all the Methodist churches to build relationships and grow in their faith.


Beginning in the third week of January this year, quarterly informal “Kopi Sessions” will be held where young adult leaders from various churches gather to connect and pray.


In March, an annual Young Adult Intergames event styled on the Olympics is planned, to bring young adult ministries together for fun and bonding.


A Young Adult Conference will be organised in July, where all young adult ministries are invited to gather for a time of worship, Word and working together.


Mr Isaiah Fadzlin, Coordinator of ReYAct (the young adult ministry in Pentecost Methodist Church), has been driving the effort to form a network of young adult ministries in Methodist churches since 2011. He had been inspired by his experience growing up in a church that successfully formed a network with other churches in reaching out to youths.


He noted that there was no such movement catering to young adults in the churches, yet there was a dire need. He said: “I believe this is one of the biggest problems in the church – there needs to be support for young adult leaders. We need to bring them together to build friendships, and pray together about what God wants us to do. Then, God can move us to work together for Him!”


The initiative began with the Young Adult Conference in July 2012, where young adults from five Methodist churches and two other churches gathered at Pentecost Methodist Church (PMC) for evenings of lively and pithy sharing from the Bible. The speaker was Mr L.T. Jeyachandran, who addressed the many challenges that today’s young adults face, such as postmodernism and temptation.


Participants saw the conference as a good way of bringing Christian young adults together and providing a satisfying time of learning and understanding God’s word. The conference was jointly organised by the young adult ministries of PMC and Bedok Methodist Church.


If you are interested in finding out more about these events, please contact Mr Fadzlin at Isaiah@pmc.org.sg or 9616-2577.


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