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CAC events update: Training tomorrow’s godly leaders

Aug 2018    

CAC LCEC Chairpersons Roundtable
The topic of godly leadership was the focus of the Chinese Annual Conference’s (CAC) inaugural Local Church Executive Committee (LCEC) Chairpersons’ Roundtable on 19 May 2018.

Chaired by the CAC President, the Rev Dr Gregory Goh Nai Lat, the morning event brought together the LCEC Chairpersons of the 17 CAC churches.

In the chairpersons’ discussion of their churches’ priorities for the year, they raised the common issues they faced and uncovered opportunities for working together. They agreed on the urgent need to groom the next generation of leaders while preserving the strong heritage of CAC churches.

LCEC induction workshop
With the latest edition held on 26 May, the LCEC Induction Workshop for newly-elected LCEC members and potential leaders is on its seventh run. The workshop is conducted in Mandarin and delivered in-house by the local churches to bring everyone together to learn about godly leadership.

Pastoral leadership
CAC pastors honed their pastoral leadership skills at the annual Pastors’ Retreat held in April 2018 in Penang.

Dr Mark Chan of Trinity Theological College focused on the topic of “Preaching”, specifically on the preparation to speak from the pulpit and on integrity in preaching. The pastors also heard from the Rev Dr Goh Nai Lat on pastoral leadership, connectionalism and church growth.

Grooming the next generation of godly leaders
The Methodist Young Leaders Conference (MYLC) was held from 15 to 17 June in Johor Bahru. In the second year of a four-year series, the conference aims to entrench young church leaders in the Methodist identity.

The conference speaker, the Rev Dr Chiang Ming Shun, highlighted the dangers of solitary religion and emphasised the importance of Christians having accountability groups.

The MYLC 2018 also saw the launch of a new Instagram page for CAC youth, as well as the hashtag #cactogetheryouths to encourage our local churches to connect with one another in their youth activities.

MYLC 2019 will take place from 21 to 23 June 2019. Follow them on Facebook at and Instagram at for updates.

Godly leadership at home: Father and Mother School
This year, the CAC Board of Family Life (BOFL) organised a new series of English and Mandarin workshops modelled after the Duranno Father/Mother School in Korea. The workshops aim to reinvigorate fathers and mothers to become spiritually healthy parents.

It is BOFL’s belief that only by building strong and healthy families will we be able to transform and bring social holiness into our communities. To date, a total of about 150 fathers and mothers have joined the movement.

Look out for the upcoming Father and Mother School sessions on the CAC Facebook page at

By the Chinese Annual Conference President’s Office

Photos courtesy of the Chinese Annual Conference


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