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Dec 2019    
West-East Malaysian Fellowship (WEMF) gathering

Executive Board Retreat

Seventy-five leaders and pastors gathered for the first-ever Chinese Annual Conference (CAC) Executive Board retreat on 13 and 14 Sep 2019. Not only was this retreat a follow-up on the status and struggles of various ministries, it also enabled the Conference, as a body, to delve into the progress of the Transformation Task Force (TTF) since it was approved at CAC’s 43rd session in 2018.

With 17 churches under the CAC umbrella, the TTF was formed with the mission of strengthening CAC’s churches to fulfil the Great Commission of Jesus Christ—to make disciples of all nations. This will be done through the reinforcement of three workstreams: 1) Church Growth and Next-Gen Ministry; 2) Organisational Efficiency and Digital Transformation; and 3) Pastoral and Lay Leadership Development.

Developmental roadmaps under each of the three workstreams were presented at the retreat. They initiated much fruitful discussions and feedback amongst the Board. At the same time, all were reminded that behind the implementation of structures and systems, it is truly a renewed heart and a transformed culture we are after. It is our prayer that we do not lose the heart of the matter as we manage the matters of the heart.

We invite all to keep CAC’s leadership and work in your prayers. May the Lord guide us and revive our hearts to love sacrificially and respond courageously to His Great Commission. May God’s glory be at the core of CAC’s journey to grow His ministry.

Day of Prayer: From Generation to Generation

 The CAC Day of Prayer was started by the Board of Family Life (BOFL) in 2017 with the vision of gathering CAC members to pray as one. On 24 Aug 2019, members between the ages of two and 71 united in heart and prayer at Kum Yan Methodist Church. Organised in partnership with the Board of Youth Ministry, this year’s event had the theme “From Generation to Generation”.

The well-planned worship and prayer segments allowed for a soul-searching, heartfelt and comforting experience for all present that evening. Prayers of confession brought healing; thanksgiving brought mutual appreciation; supplication brought submission; and intercession brought greater love for one another. As adults prayed over the young and vice versa, hearts were stirred to remember that, regardless of our age and roles, we can all pray for one another and benefit from being prayed over.

This event also underscored the importance of managing and preserving the family in the way God has always meant it to be—each member with a specific role to play and all to journey together. May the desire of handing down the torch of Christ from generation to generation be in all our hearts, homes and Church!

WE Malaysians Fellowship

Founded on 27 Jan 2018, West-East Malaysian Fellowship (WEMF) is a subsidiary that was formed under CAC’s Board of Witness and Evangelism to reach out to Malaysians living and working and in Singapore.

Having to assimilate into a new culture can be challenging for many, and WEMF sees that a warm, welcoming community can be tremendously valuable to the newcomers. Beyond providing social support, the fellowship also offers a faith community to keep believers accountable to each other in their walk with God. Through regular fellowship meetings, topical seminars, outings and festive celebrations, WEMF has been and will continue to strive towards being a social and spiritual support group to its members and our circle of Malaysians in Singapore.

If you or someone you know is from Malaysia (believer or non-believer) and can use friendships to help transit into or enrich the experience of life in Singapore, please feel free to check out WEMF and make yourself comfortable in our WEMF Methodist community. WEMF will turn two years old in a month’s time—come join the family and celebrate with us!

WEMF comes together on the fourth Saturday of every other month at Toa Payoh Chinese MC. Follow WEMF on Facebook, get connected, and stay notified of their gatherings and happenings.

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Families praying together at the CAC Day of Prayer
Families praying together at the CAC Day of Prayer
Families worshipping together at the CAC Day of Prayer
CAC President, the Rev Dr Gregory Goh Nai Lat, giving his address at the Executive Board retreat
Workstream presentation
WEMF outing
WEMF outing

Journey along with CAC to witness how God is working and growing His ministry through us! Follow us on and keep a look out for our quarterly issue of the CAC News.

By the Chinese Annual Conference Communications Team


Photos courtesy of the Chinese Annual Conference


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