Can we do for others what others have done for us?

Oct 2006    

MORE than 100 years ago, at great cost and personal sacrifice, Christians from the United States, Britain and Australia

• Left their homes and came to Singapore as missionaries, pastors and teachers,

• Raised money to purchase land and build churches and schools, and

• Gave everything to us – entrusting us with the task of sharing the Good News of Christ with others.

Can we do for others what they did for us?

I believe we can. I believe we should. Our Bishop has given me the task of harnessing SOME of the resources of our 43 Methodist churches Most of our churches already had an effective missions programme before the Methodist Missions Society (MMS) was established in 1991.

Our prayer is that every Methodist church in Singapore will channel at least 20 per cent of its missions’ personnel and budget through the MMS (the more the merrier!).

Are you able to volunteer anything from two weeks to two months teaching English?

The call has come from missionaries in China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Laos and Timor-Leste. English Teaching programmes open doors of great opportunity to share the word and love of Christ.

If you have no formal training in teaching English, we will train you. A couple from our sister Methodist church in Sibu, recently retired, spent three months teaching English at our school in Cambodia. They are now preparing to go back for three years.

Can we pool our resources and buy land to build churches and schools?

We have. We have bought several properties and built churches, training centres, a school and a children’s home. But I believe we can do a little more. Here are a few projects our missionaries are praying the Lord will provide the money for:

Caleb Bible Institute, Kakarvita, East Nepal

We have already purchased the land. The estimated building cost is $60,000.

Wesley Methodist Church, Kathmandu

We have just received gifts to purchase land and build four village churches in Nepal – but we would like to purchase land and build a church for Wesley Methodist Church in Kathmandu, Nepal. The estimated cost is $275,000.

Biratnagar Methodist Church, Biratnagar, East Nepal

Biratnagar is the second largest city in Nepal after Kathmandu. Again, we would like to purchase land and build a church there. The estimated cost: $70,000.

Rangsit Methodist Church, Bangkok, Thailand

While it is much cheaper to buy land and build churches in village areas, I believe we also need a viable presence in the major cities. We would like to purchase land and build a church for Rangsit Methodist Church. The estimated cost: $275,000.

Together – we can make a difference

In all these cases mentioned, we will develop a partnership model – the nationals themselves will work hard to raise a portion of the total cost. One individual Methodist member, or one Methodist church in Singapore may not be able to fund entirely one of the above projects. However, if we do what little we can and pool our resources – together we can make a difference!

For more details, please contact the MMS Office at 6478-4818.

The Rev Dr Norman Wong is the Executive Director of the Methodist Missions Society.


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