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Disciple Facilitators’ Training 2020

Aug 2020    
Winnie with her DISCIPLE group from Wesley MC in Dec 2018

The DISCIPLE Bible Study Programme was developed by a team of pastors and lay persons in the United Methodist Church, and is intended to help Christians engage with the Bible in small groups. It pioneered the use of video in Bible study, which enables small groups to draw upon the work of scholars, combined with personal Bible reading and dynamic group discussion, to aid understanding of the Bible. The Bible is the text for this Bible Study Programme and is a tool which God has used to transform lives, and not just inform minds.

DISCIPLE Facilitators’ Training

Disciple Agency (DA) conducts training for facilitators to run the DISCIPLE Bible Study Programme in local churches. In order to be eligible to trained as facilitators, you must:

  1. Must be theologically-trained, OR for lay applicants with no theological training, must have graduated from at least D1, and also have graduated from the course they are applying to facilitate (e.g. if applying to be trained as facilitator for D3, they must have themselves completed and graduated from D3). Lay applicants require recommendation by their pastor.
  2. For both clergy and lay, if applying to be trained as facilitators for D2, D3, or D4, they must first have completed training as facilitator for D1.

Important Notes:

  • You are encouraged to first complete the DISCIPLE course before attending the training. For example, to register for BDTBS leaders’ training after you have successfully completed BDTBS course.

For an in-depth understanding of the DISCIPLE COURSE, go to or scan the QR code

A new DISCIPLE course will be starting soon! For more information and updates on the course times/dates:


Since 10 March 2020, I have been conducting the DISCIPLE class via Zoom. We have journeyed with the Patriarchs, sung praises and lamented with the Psalmists, marvelled at the majestic works of God and His sovereignty in the history of Israel. We are crossing into the New Testament in two weeks’ time and looking forward to radical discipleship.
—Pastor BK (May 2020)

From Sunday schools at age four with the neighbours

Through the disagreeable teens, to a questioning young adult

God was, is and will always draw me close to Him

Through encounters, rebukes and gentle reminders, You draw me close

A season of flawed churches and leaders

Evoking disappointment, sadness and ultimately apathy

Then You draw me close yet again

Marking this Discipleship class our meeting place

Knowing the beautiful life you have planned for me

On this earth and in heaven

Learning, understanding, appreciating and seeing

The importance of our hearts over deeds

You planted new friends for this season

We disagree, pray, laugh and encourage

And the veil is lifted, on the march of my Christian heartbeat

My rock stabilises and my heart rejoices

I step out in courage and in inspiration

To live and breathe as you imagined

Sensitive to your loving beckoning calls

Drawing closer to my God

—Winnie Pua (DISCIPLE 1), Wesley Methodist Church

Visuals courtesy of Disciple Agency


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