ETAC campers find ‘Joy in the Journey’

Aug 2010    

PARTICIPANTS OF THE EMMANUEL TAMIL ANNUAL CONFERENCE (ETAC) biennial family camp found joy when they gathered at Rompin Beach Resort, Pahang, from June 9 to 12 for a time of bonding and spiritual journey.

They signed up with expectations of a well-balanced camp that would include challenging theme talks, meaningful discussion topics, engaging workshops, fun-filled games and excellent beach facilities, and were not disappointed.

Participants from every ETAC church were present.

In line with the theme for the camp, “Joy in the Journey”, a series of talks were conducted by the Rev Dr Prabhu Singh, an anthropologist with a PhD in Inter-cultural Studies from Asbury Seminary in Kentucky. The sessions focused on how a practising Christian could get the most out of his or her journey with Christ. Using David as an example, campers were able to appreciate the joy of salvation in his life and relate it to their own. The speaker centred the topic on David’s cry for restoration in the 51st Psalm.

The life of Paul was also examined and the campers discovered how such a man, in the midst of great suffering and persecution, could be perpetually joyful in the Lord.

Thirdly, the life of Nehemiah was used as an example of a great man who did great things for God while depending on no one else but Him. The Rev Dr Prabhu Singh spoke of how in Christian service, we ought to ensure that our tasks begin with vision, are fuelled by passion, upheld with determination and sustained through devotion to God.

Workshops were also conducted on topics such as “The Gift of Tongues” and “Stewardship of Your Finance”. These sessions ended in thought-provoking question-and-answer sessions.

Campers were also treated to good, clean fun as the youths of the conference took the lead in organising games for the young and old alike.

The highlight of the camp was the camp fire night called “Flame Nite” when campers were divided into groups and engaged in a cheerleading face-off in front of the bonfire. This was followed by a talent competition where groups pitted their acting and singing skills against each other.

The family camp was a meaningful one where participants were given the rare opportunity to interact with one another in a very informal and laid-back setting.

Melvin Dineshraj is a member of the Tamil Methodist Church, Short Street.

ETAC in a league of its own

YOUTHS FROM THE VARIOUS EMMANUEL TAMIL ANNUAL CONFERENCE (ETAC) churches got together at Sembawang Secondary School on June 26 for a day filled with fun, laughter and a lot of perspiration. The ETAC Sports League 2010, or ESL 2010 for short, was a full-day event that had the twin objectives of fostering a greater sense of fellowship among the youths, and providing youths with an evangelistic platform to establish contact with non-Christian friends.

ESL 2010 was a success, as measured by the many new friendships that were forged, and the number of unchurched youths who participated in the games.

The day started with an exciting team-building telematch, which was followed by a tug-of-war.

After these activities, which served the purpose of breaking the ice, came the much-anticipated main events. As the boys braved the sun and played their hearts out on the football field, the girls were equally engaged with a captain’s ball tournament indoors. It was evident that the competition was intense but friendly as team supporters cheered for each other.

Jurong Tamil Methodist Church was declared Overall Champions and winner of the football tournament, while the Tamil Methodist Church, Short Street, won the captain’s ball competition.

It was heart-warming to gather together as one big ETAC family just to enjoy each other’s company and engage in friendly rivalry. Nothing brings people together like sports can.

Sarah Lithya is a member of Jurong Tamil Methodist Church and publicist of ESL 2010.


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