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ETAC: Seeking to fellowship in Punggol

Oct 2016    

It all started a few years ago, when our pastor, the Rev R. Prabhu (right) of Ang Mo Kio Tamil Methodist Church (AMKTMC) and current President of Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference (ETAC), was visiting some places in Punggol. He realised there was no Tamil church in that area that could reach out to the Tamil-speaking people in Punggol.

When he shared this burden with us, we started to pray about this in our cell groups, in our church services, and in our personal prayers. Along with the Rev Prabhu, some of us met a few families in Punggol and Sengkang who also shared the same vision of having a Tamil church in Punggol. All of us prayed together for the Lord to guide us, and to build His Church in Punggol.

On 6 Sep 2015, the Lord helped us to start a prayer fellowship in a house in Punggol, generously offered by a volunteer. There were about 20 of us, and what a great joy it was on that day to fellowship with one another.

It has now been a year since we started our first fellowship. We are still small in number. We gather on alternate Sundays, meeting in the houses of any of our members who open their houses for the fellowship. We pray that the Lord will guide us and bless us with a common place of worship, which is our primary need at the moment.

At Ang Mo Kio, the Lord had blessed us with a wonderful arrangement where churches from the Chinese Annual Conference (CAC), ETAC and Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC) have worshipped together in one building for more than three decades. We recall the humble beginnings of AMKTMC. When we look back in history at the bigger picture of how the Lord had built His local churches in Singapore, The Methodist Church in Singapore, and the CAC, ETAC and TRAC, we are assured that the Lord will open a way, and bless us with a common place to worship in the Punggol-Sengkang area.

Two years ago, when the Lord placed me at Changi Business Park to work, I saw so many people who do not yet know the Lord. Many of them live in the area of Sengkang and Punggol. Every time I see them, my heart goes out to them. How much joy would there be, if all of them received the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, and are freed from sin, to live a blessed life?

Dear reader, if the Lord has placed a burden on your heart about this Punggol Fellowship, would you pray alongside us? We are asking the Lord of hosts to bless us with a common place to worship and to reach out to all the Tamil-speaking people of Punggol and Sengkang who are not part of any church, who have yet to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

If you are interested to know more about this ministry, please call:

• The Rev R. Prabhu 9836-2284
• Mr Sampath Wilson 9009-5640
• Mr Titus Paul 9826-3331

Photos courtesy of Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference

Titus Paul – 

is Chairman of Worship & Music in Ang Mo Kio Tamil Methodist Church (AMKTMC), and serves with his wife Elizabeth and daughter Evangeline in the Worship & Music Ministry of AMKTMC and its outreach ministry, Punggol Fellowship.


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