Extension block provides upgraded facilities for school

Oct 2002    
Bishop Dr Solomon being received by, from left, Mr Low, Dr Lee Li Eng, Chairman of the ACS (I) Board of Management, Mrs Tan and the Rev Paul Nga, Chaplain of Fairfield Methodist Primary School

Fairfield Primary’s 114th Founder’s Day-cum-Dedication of Block E

FAIRFIELD Methodist Primary School (FMPS) celebrated its 114th Founder’s Day on Aug 1, 2002 amidst a dedication service for Block E, an extension block which provides the school with upgraded facilities.

There was much grandeur and pageantry that day.

Bishop Dr Robert Solomon was the guest-of-honour. Among the many guests were former principals of the school, school board members, retired teachers, alumni, parents of prize-winners, donors, friends and partners of the school. With a full programme ahead, the morning of Aug 1 was abuzz with much activity and merriment.

Adding significance to the school history on this annual celebration was the Dedication of Block E, an extension block built in PRIME, or the school’s Building Project III, which provides the school with upgraded facilities that support the new challenges in education.

A proud moment for the School Band. -- Pictures by Fairfield Methodist Primary School.

The school assembly area was a colourful sight comprising the guests, student representatives, the smartly uniformed parade contingents from the Girls’ Brigade, Boys’ Brigade and Red Cross, and the school band. The highlight of this parade segment was the mass display put up by the Primary 4 pupils dressed in the four school colours with coordinated coloured props to represent the variety of the school’s culture and history.

This kaleidoscope of colours took up various formations with military precision to the delight of guests and parents. This was a breakaway from the traditional parades witnessed at previous celebrations.

The Founder’s Day service which followed was based on the theme “How wonderful are thy works, O Lord!” It was a meaningful and inspirational time of praise and worship, with the ceremonial speeches by the Chairman of our Board of Management, Mr Low Wee Ping, and our principal, Mrs Tan Shook Fund, and the sharing of God’s word by Bishop Dr Solomon.

In his message entitled “Great Are Thy Works”, Bishop Dr Solomon spoke of the importance of education being rooted in spirituality and Christian values. This, he said, was good not only for the minds but also for the souls. He also touched on the importance of holistic education and lifelong learning.

“Never lose the awe and excitement of learning,” he exhorted.

The celebrative mood was further heightened with joyous times of communal singing and the enthralments of the choir’s beautiful choral renditions. Ying Yin Han, an accomplished pianist, who gave a piano recital of Grieg’s “Wedding Day at Troldhaugen”, also entertained the guests.

The occasion was also special to the proud prize-winners who were presented prizes and awards by Bishop Dr Solomon for their outstanding performance last year. Among them was Ivan Goh, our 2001 PSLE top pupil who gave a tribute to the teachers on behalf of his graduating cohort.

Immediately after that, the guests were treated to a specially produced multimedia presentation showcasing the upgraded facilities in the school as a result of the recent PRIME Building Project III. The dedication ceremony followed, culminating with the unveiling of the plaque on stage by Bishop Dr Solomon. This was a historic moment as we dedicated the new block to God for the purpose of education.

Tokens of appreciation were presented to two special persons who played significant roles in the building project – Mrs Cheong Poh Choo, Chairman of the Building Project, and Miss Dorothy Ho, the former principal.

After the celebrations in the school hall, the guests proceeded to Friendz@net, Fairfield’s internet-based learning station, where pupils’ art exhibits were displayed. These artistic and creative displays of digital art and handcrafted ceramics are the products of an enriched art programme supported by the new computer laboratories and an art room equipped with potters’ wheels and a kiln.

The celebrations climaxed with a buffet lunch at the canteen. The guests mingled as they enjoyed their hearty meals with friends and colleagues. Everyone received a souvenir — a specially designed FMPS coaster set.

On these coasters are the values Reverence and Love for God, Courtesy and Respect, Care and Concern, Commitment, and Honesty and Integrity. These meaningful declarations reflect the core values the school embraces and tenaciously pursues.

Leonard Chua is a teacher at Fairfield Methodist Primary School.


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