International Prayer Conference to be held from June 16-19

May 2004    

TRINITY Annual Conference (TRAC) of The Methodist Church in Singapore is organising an International Prayer Conference for Wesleyans in Renewal – Restoring the Wesleyan Flame – to be held at the ACS (Barker Road) Campus from June 16 to 19, 2004.

It will begin with an Opening Service on June 16 at 8 pm.

Besides the workshops, there will be praise and worship, intercession and Bible Study sessions.
There will be 20 workshops, and each participant will be given the choice of attending six of them.

There will be three groups of workshops – nine classified under “My Passion – God: My Soul’s Desire”, five under “My Compassion – Mankind: My Beloved Neighbour”, and six under “My Vision – The World: My Parish”.

Topics include “Experiencing God’s Presence” – Walking in Intimacy with God”, “Enhancing your Devotional Life – The Quiet Time”; “Tarrying Together – Partners in Prayer”, and “Reaping the Harvest – Prayer and Missions”.

Among the speakers are Bishop Violet L. Fisher, Resident Bishop of New York West Area; the Rev Miguel A. Escobar, President of Terraglobe Ministries; the Rev Dr Rob Frost, President of Share Jesus International; the Rev Dr West Griffin, President and International Director of the International Leadership Institute; the Rev Sam Kamaleson, President of Friends Missionary Prayer Band; and the Rev Dr Isaac Lim, President of TRAC.

There will also be six workshops for children aged between seven and 12 (Primary 1 to Primary 6 pupils). Topics include “Sign Language in Worship” and “Praise and Worship Songs”.

In addition, there will be two public meetings (free admission) – one on June 17 and the other on June 18, both starting at 8 pm.

For enquiries and registration, please call (65) 6478-4742, fax (65) 6478-4740, log on www.ipcwr.org or send an email to info@ipcwr.org


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