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Learning the Bible together, with a difference

Sep 2018    

During the annual Bible quiz, which was held in August this year, seven of the eight churches in ETAC gathered to test their knowledge of the Bible. This is an event that is much loved by the ETAC members.

The questions for the Bible quiz are usually set by the pastors with the view of testing participants on their knowledge and understanding of the Scripture. There are several components within these Bible quizzes: question and answer; charades; Win, Lose or Draw; Pyramid; 4 Pics 1 Word; sword drill; and Bible memory.

The ETAC Bible quiz programme runs through July and August at our seven churches. Tamil Methodist Church, located at Short Street, held their Bible quiz on 29 July, during which 1 and 2 Peter, as well as 1, 2 and 3 John, were tested. The 60 participants, who formed themselves into four different groups according to age, had much fun learning about the Bible together.

Seletar Tamil Methodist Church had its turn on 8 Aug and the participants were tested on sermons that had been preached during the month of July. It was organised as an inter-cell group Bible quiz challenge that brought together about 100 people. The cell groups were much motivated, and new believers and pre-believers participated in the challenge. The winners were awarded with restaurant vouchers so that they could dine together and further strengthen their cell group ties.

The other five churches—Jurong, Pasir Panjang, Sembawang, Toa Payoh and Telugu—based their quiz on Romans. This NT book was chosen to prepare the women for the ETAC WSCS Bi-Annual Bible Quiz Challenge, which was held on the 18 Aug 2018.

As a pastor, I believe that the Bible quizzes have gained such popularity and have become almost a tradition in the ETAC churches because it is a church-wide activity that encourages friendly competition and interaction between families, and amongst the young and old.

As participants gather to study the Scripture and receive assistance from their pastors in understanding the Word in a fun manner, a common identity and strong bond are thus forged, which creates a spirit of unity and camaraderie in our Tamil churches.

The Rev James Nagulan was elected President of Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference (ETAC) in 2016 for the quadrennium. He is also Pastor-in-Charge of Tamil Methodist Church (Short Street) and Seletar Tamil Methodist Church.

Photos courtesy of Solomon Raj Wilson (Tamil Methodist Church) and Andrew Jeevan (Seletar Tamil Methodist Church)


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