MCS gives $30,000 to tsunami victims

Feb 2005    

More donations being collected and will be handed to Red Cross

THE Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS) has given $30,000 to help victims of the Sumatran earthquake and the resultant tsunami that have led to the death of many thousands of people in South and South-east Asia.

It has also donated another $20,000 to victims of the storms and landslides which hit the Philippines on Dec 1, 2004.

In addition, it is appealing to its members in all its 41 local churches to contribute to the relief fund for the tsunami victims.

All donations will be channelled to the Singapore Red Cross Society, which is co-ordinating efforts to help the victims.

In quick response, the churches have been taking special offerings for the tsunami victims and their families during their Sunday worship services and at other church events. Several churches have taken two offerings.

Many churches have also collected basic necessities such as packed food, medicine, clothes, blankets, mats and utensils, and some are helping to co-ordinate relief efforts.

Methodist schools, too, are doing their part by collecting donations from the staff and students and by initiating fund-raising activities.

In a letter to the pastors, Bishop Dr Robert Solomon had appealed to our churches to contribute to the efforts by the Red Cross to help victims of the storms and landslides in the Philippines.

“In view of the current crisis brought about by the tsunami, and following our discussion with the Red Cross, we have now decided to send $20,000 for the Philippines crisis and $30,000 for the tsunami crisis.

“This is also a call to all Methodists to pray for the situation. At this time when many lives have been tragically affected by disaster, let us pray that the victims who have lost their loved ones, homes and all livelihood will find comfort in the care and concern shown by others. May God comfort and sustain them and help them to rebuild their lives.

“Let us show our Christian love by responding generously and compassionately, and praying for the victims and the relief efforts.”


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