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MethodistWalk 2019: Get Up and Walk

Mar 2019    

Join us for this important milestone in the calendar of our Methodist schools as they unite with our churches in the MethodistWalk 2019 on Sunday 30 March 2019. This edition of the biennial fund-raising walk is brought to you by the Methodist Schools’ Foundation (MSF), together with the 15 Methodist schools in Singapore.

Walking together is a unifying means to affirm the special bond between the Methodist schools and churches in Singapore.  In our community, we are thankful that our children spend valuable years living and experiencing the unique spirit and bond offered by the Methodist schools.

The fund-raising walk aims to help address some of the financial needs of our schools and will go a long way to help fund and continue the work and programmes of the schools.

How to help

In these uncertain times, your generous giving will allow our Methodist schools to continue providing their students with enriching programmes. In addition, 100 per cent of the funds raised by each student for the MethodistWalk 2019 goes back to his or her school. As it is an Institution of a Public Character (IPC), all donations of $100 or more to MSF will get a tax-exemption of 2.5 times of the donation.

For this year’s Walk, we are thankful to God for the committed support of five sponsoring churches from TRAC District 1: Bedok Methodist Church, Barker Road Methodist Church, Christ Methodist Church, Christalite Methodist Church and Kampong Kapor Methodist Church. We are also very grateful for our volunteer marshals from the ETAC churches, who will be helping to guide our walkers on the day.

As always, your prayers are appreciated for the event. We thank God for this great opportunity to connect yet again within the Methodist family, and to lift the needs of our schools and students to His Will. To God be the Glory!

Then Jesus said to him, Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” (John 5:8)

To sign up:

To donate, or volunteer as a doctor or photographer: (Marcia Vanderstraaten)


Photos courtesy of the Methodist Schools’ Foundation


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