News Roundup

Mar 2004    

Chen Su Lan Trust gives $145,000 to MSF

THE Chen Su Lan Trust has donated $145,000 to the Methodist Schools’ Foundation (MSF).

A delighted Mr Tan Chee Chye, Chairman of the MSF, said: “This much-needed donation has enhanced our funds, and we are very grateful to the Chen Su Lan Trust.”

In a letter to Madam Chen Chi Chin, Chairman of the Chen Su Lan Trust, Mr Tan said: “The MSF is indebted to you and the Board of the CSL Trust for this timely and strong support.”

The donation, he added, would “enable us to provide grants to our 14 Methodist schools in Singapore”.

This is the second time in over a year that the CSL Trust has given donations to the MSF. In December 2002, the Trust gave $100,000 to the MSF.

MSF hongbao for Leap-Year students

MEMBERS of the Board of the Methodist Schools’ Foundation (MSF) are giving away a $50 hongbao to any Methodist school student born on Feb 29 – 2004 being a leap year.

School principals had been asked to submit names of their “Leap-Year” students to the MSF.

Mr Tan Chee Chye, Chairman of the MSF, told Methodist Message that the hongbao would not be from the coffers of the MSF. “They are from the pockets of members of our Board,” he said.


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