On Chinese traditions and the Christian

Feb 2003    

THE Centre for the Development of Christian Ministry at Trinity Theological College will hold a seminar on “Chinese Traditions and the Christian” on Feb 8, 2003 from 2 pm to 5.30 pm at Fairfield Methodist Church, 1 Tanjong Pagar Road.

The speaker is the Rev Dr Choong Chee Pang, Academic Consultant for the Lutheran World Federation. He is also a visiting professor of the Universities of Beijing and Fudan (Shanghai) in China.

The seminar will cover various interesting aspects of Chinese traditions and beliefs.

The Rev Dr Choong will speak on Christ and culture, main streams in traditional Chinese culture, filial piety in biblical and Chinese traditions, and continuity and discontinuity between Christian and Chinese practices.

A topic which should attract a great deal of interest will be “The world of the “spirits” and “ghosts”: Departed and yet present”.
The Rev Dr Choong will also draw some lessons from the Bible and Chinese church history, and sketch notes on the religious beliefs of the Chinese in Singapore.

He will touch on a sensitive subject among the Chinese Christian converts: How should ancestors be remembered and venerated?

Before serving with the Lutheran World Federation, the Rev Dr Choong was a lecturer in New Testament and Chinese Religions at Trinity Theological College, and later became its Principal. He has published several works and articles related to the New Testament and Chinese religions.

For further enquiry, contact Ms Ho Poh Geok at 67613645 or email cdcm@ttc.edu.sg


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