Praying with Authority

Oct 2018    

When I read the amazing testimonies of students of the School of Ministry (SOM) at Tung Ling Bible School (TLBS) in its magazine, Polished Shaft, about how they had experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit and how Jesus had touched their lives, I prayed for similar encounters. God answers prayers!

With TLBS’ confirmation and the approval of my student visa, God affirmed His plans for me. I was only 18 years old, had just completed my A-Levels equivalent in Nepal and had never been away from my family for an extended time. But God provided people who prayed for and helped me. TLBS sponsored my course fees, and some Pentecost Methodist Church members paid for my flight to Singapore and living expenses.

SOM has taught me a better understanding of worship as well, as how to hear His voice and be empowered by the Holy Spirit. My walk with Jesus has been greatly enriched.

I have also learnt what it means to pray powerfully and with authority.

About a year ago, friend who was part of my church worship team in Nepal church stopped coming to church. I tried but failed to contact him. When a speaker at a youth service at Christ Methodist Church, which I attended during my time in SOM, invited us to pray for a friend who had gone astray, this friend immediately came to mind.

After praying, I dreamt of meeting him and hugging him as tears of joy flowed freely. When I woke up, I asked God, “Are you trying to tell me something?”

My dad encouraged me to contact my friend again. I was pleasantly surprised when he responded. I told him about my dream, and how much our God loves him. He shared that he regretted leaving the church and missed his friends at the youth service. I am thankful that God is using me to bring back a lost sheep. God never gives up, so I should continue to pray for my friend till he returns fully to Christ.

I need to place my trust in Jesus; there will be challenges in my life but “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” (Phil 4:13).

Richard Lepcha serves in the worship team in Wesley Bardan Methodist Church (WBMC) in Kathmandu, Nepal. WBMC was the first Methodist church MMS planted in Nepal. He recently completed his studies at the School of Ministry in Tung Ling Bible School and has returned home to continue serving the Lord.

Please pray that:

  • I will continue to walk closely with Jesus and be empowered by the Holy Spirit.
  • my friend will return to church, fully repentant and committed to serving our Lord.
  • more youth of our Methodist churches in Nepal will have an opportunity to attend short theological courses such as SOM.


Richard (in blue) engaging actively in his class at Tung Ling Bible School

Photos courtesy of The Methodist Missions Society


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