President’s Award for 4 BB Primers

Sep 2011    

FOUR PRIMERS WERE CONFERRED the President’s Award by President S. R. Nathan at the Istana on June 30, 2011. is highest award in e Boys’ Brigade (BB) Singapore has been presented to the top Boys in the Primers Programme (post-Secondary level members) for seven years running.

In order to attain this award, recipients have to complete the demanding requirements in leadership and service in the community, and undergo two rigorous rounds of selection. Their achievements and contributions to BB and the community, and the extent to which they have served as role models and inspirations to other BB Boys and officers, are considered in the assessment process.

Senior Cadet Lieutenant (SCL) Daniel Chow Yi Xian served in both the 11th Singapore Company (from his secondary school) and the 44th Singapore Company (sponsored by his church).

He helped to impart values of discipline and resilience through his role as a drill instructor, and displayed determination and sportsmanship as he prepared Boys for adventure competitions.

SCL Christopher Teo Ming Jian served in the 33rd Singapore Company, and oversaw the badge work awards for Boys, as well as the Drill Portfolio. He devoted much of his year-end school holidays to serve in BB’s Share-a-Gift-Project 2010, displaying servant leadership.

SCL Ho Sheng Yung served as the Primer-in-Charge of Administration and Discipline in his company. He was instrumental in guiding his fellow Primers in the running of camps and events in the company. He was recognised as a devoted leader with excellent administrative talent SCL Shaun Lim Yung Shen was appointed Head Primer, overseeing the running of the operations of the Primers Programme in the 12I Singapore Company. He was a competent drill instructor and dedicated band instructor, responsible for imparting technical skills to his juniors.


New principal for ACS (I)

MR WINSTON JAMES HODGE (left) was appointed Principal of Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) or ACS (I) from June 21, 2011.

He brings with him 30 years of extensive experience in the education and teaching field. Prior to 2008, he had served as Principal of Raffles Junior College and St Gabriel’s Secondary School, and as a Cluster Superintendent in the Ministry of Education (MOE) Headquarters.

From 2008 to 2010, he was a Director at the MOE’s Training and Development Division, where he spearheaded a number of initiatives aimed at strengthening teachers’ professional knowledge and expertise.

Mr Hodge holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Language from the National University of Singapore and a Diploma in Education Administration from the National Institute of Education. In May 2011, he received a Master of Education degree from Harvard University in the United States before returning to Singapore.

A Singaporean, Mr Hodge is a Protestant and is married with two children.


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