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Profit and Loss

Aug 2009    

“FOR WHAT DOES IT PROFIT a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his life? For what can a man give in return for his life?” (Mark: 8. 36-37). The words from these verses came to me as I listened to a wife describe the changes she saw in her husband over a span of four years.

He had always been a driven individual but when he decided to set up his own business, his ambition became more pronounced. Being his own boss did not mean an easy life of leisure, as some might imagine, but a redoubling of time and effort at work.

To keep up his energy that his regularly long work day required, he consumed energy drinks and misused over-the-counter stimulants and prescription drugs that he could lay his hands on. It gave him the needed energy and adrenaline boost for the day but left him edgy in the evenings.

Sleep and rest eluded him. Their marriage and family suffered with him having less time for them and even when he was with them, he usually seemed far away with his thoughts. Two years ago, his wife noticed that he became more irritable and he snapped at her over little things.Things came to a head six months ago when she discovered intimate messages on his mobile phone. Initially he tried to explain them away as teasing from hostesses and women he met casually at the pubs and lounges he frequented with his clients. When these messages persisted and drew more suspicions, he replied pointedly that since he worked so hard, he was entitled to also play hard.

The details of this short account may be different from story to story. However,
we may all know or have heard of similar experiences of this woman. The fall of this man did not happen suddenly. There was no one confrontation with temptation.

No singular encounter with sin in our own Garden of Eden. It involved a series of questionable decisions, small compromises and a drifting away from that of value and importance.

While some may not be aware when we begin to fall away from God, its effects can seldom go unnoticed for long.

We stop keeping fellowship with God and may also find the company of other believers uncomfortable. We drift away from those who truly love us and settle

for the companionship of strangers. These losses are profoundly tallied by the phrase, “… forfeit his life” (Mark 8.37).

“What,” she asked, “can be done to reach out to my husband?” She had tried speaking with him and even pleaded with him. He has long since shunned the company of their closest family and friends.

As if clutching for straws, I encouraged her to pray that her husband might have an epiphany experience, similar to the one Saul had when he was confronted by God on the road to Damascus (Acts 9.1-17).

Such an encounter may have the same effect of humbling King Nebuchadnezzar and bringing him to his senses (Daniel 4.29-37).

I am afraid that I do not have an ending of my conversation with this woman. I did not see her again and pray that her outcome may be a happy one.

MCS to celebrate 125th Anniversary next year Logo contest now on

THE METHODIST CHURCH IN SINGAPORE (MCS) will be celebrating its 125th Anniversary next year with a series of events.

For a start, the MCS is sponsoring a contest for a logo design for the 125th Anniversary. The theme for the celebration is “Together In God’s Mission”.

There will also be a social outreach project to bless the community, connection-wide celebrations at local church level on Sunday, Feb 28, a special Aldersgate Convention in May and a Young Methodist Leaders Conference in August-September.

The logo contest is open to all Methodists. The winning entry will receive an award of $500.

This is the brief:

• The design must incorporate the MCS logo.

• It must incorporate the words of the celebration theme, “Together In God’s Mission”.

• It must be in colour.

• The design should be vibrant and modern in look.

• It should present the dynamism of a church moving forward.

• It should reflect the connectionalism of our church.

• It should be simple yet elegant. The winning design will become the
property of The Methodist Church in Singapore for its sole use and purposes, including editing, publication and distribution rights. The logo will be used in a variety of formats which may include forms of correspondence, posters, banners, backdrops, websites, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Entries may be submitted electronically and by hard copy. They must bear the name of the person or persons responsible for its design, a brief description of the design, postal address and email address.

Please send all hard copy entries to: The Bishop’s Office The Methodist Church in Singapore 70 Barker Road #06-04 Methodist Centre Singapore 309936 or email soft copy entries to:

The closing date for entries is Aug 31, 2009.


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