School principal from China full of joy

May 2007    

HE JUST could not stop talking. His face was beaming. In less than one year his school, which receives poor students from the surrounding farming community, has been transformed. Morale among teachers and students is at an all-time high.

* A TOTAL of 980 of his students whose families live well below the poverty line received financial assistance.

* A NEW HOSTEL is being built to enable students who live too far from the town to complete their secondary education.

* ONE HUNDRED scholarships were given to develop talented students who will in turn serve the community.

* NEVER BEFORE had any school in the entire county been visited by a group of international students. He showed us pictures of our Singapore students interacting with his own students. “When the time came for them to leave – many tears were shed,” the principal said with a tear in his own eye!

What impressed me most were the ways different parties came together and pooled their resources to help the less fortunate.

The Methodist Missions Society (MMS) had only a small part to play. The local church in the area supplied the manpower.

A children’s charity from Singapore stepped in to help. The local, provincial and central governments of China all pitched in their resources.

One of our Methodist schools in Singapore sent teachers and students.

In October 2005, the worst typhoon in 100 years devastated that community. Today, that same community is brimming with hope and expectation, especially among the youth.

The church in that county has grown and developed a ministry among 10 universities throughout the entire province.

Your contributions to the MMS China ministries has made all this possible.

Thank you for your prayers and your support.

The Rev Dr Norman Wong is the Executive Director of the Methodist Missions Society.

Fund-raising banquet

THE Methodist Missions Society (MMS) will hold its major fund-raising biennial banquet at a hotel on Aug 26, 2007.

It plans to invite 400 businessmen and professionals to give towards the MMS’ mission fields.

On Aug 25, it will host a reception at a hotel for the leaders and mission committees from the local Methodist churches.

Conversational Khmer

THE MMS is organising a “Basic Conversational Khmer” course for anyone who wants to be more effective in reaching out to the Cambodians.

The course will begin on July 4, 2007 for eight Wednesdays. Ms Doris Chan, MMS Missionary to Cambodia, will be conducting the course, which will be held at the William Oldham Room, Level 3 of Methodist Centre from 7.30 pm to 9 pm.

The fee is $30, inclusive of materials and refreshments. To register, please contact MMS at 6478-4818 or
email mms@methodist.org.sg


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