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Sembawang Tamil Methodist Church: Good stewards of God’s manifold grace (1 Peter 4:10)

Jul 2019    
Minsu village ministry

For more than 84 years, Sembawang Tamil Methodist Church (STMC) has been  serving God and His people.

Though instituted in 1934, the church has been working with the communities around Seletar Naval Base from as early as 1928. In 1940, a school building was erected at 150 Jalan Sembawang Kechil and for the next 52 years, the church worshipped there.

In 1992, the Housing and Development Board offered STMC a church site at Yishun St 11 which was to be shared with another independent church. STMC formally moved into its new premises in August 1999.

As the lease for its current premises will be expiring in six years’ time, STMC is praying and working for the renewal of the lease. This is a prime location within walking distance of Yishun MRT station, and we are praying that God will grant us favour with the authorities to renew our lease.

STMC currently has 86 members. Though our numbers are small, the ministries of the church are carried out effectively by God’s grace. STMC’s key ministries are witness and evangelism, and missions.

STMC is reaching out to nearly 20 families in the vicinity with monthly visits and provision of daily necessities for the needy families. These families eagerly expect our visitation, during which we share God’s Word and pray for them. An Easter Egg Hunt Community Programme was organised by the Witness & Evangelism Committee for Tamil-speaking pre-believers. The WSCS also organised a one-day cruise to Batam for women pre-believers. These helped us to develop good relationships with them.

Working closely with our Annual Conference Board of Missions, STMC actively supports Christian missions in countries like Myanmar and Sri Lanka through visits and financial support. For the last couple of years, God has blessed us to adopt a village—Minsu Village in Myanmar. The gospel is preached to more than 100 children every Saturday and to the villagers once a month by an evangelist there. This year, the Methodist Men group of our church visited the village and other ministry areas in Myanmar. It was the first time our men had the experience and exposure to the ministry.

STMC emphasises good stewardship. As recipients of God’s manifold grace, STMC as a church and members as families and individuals are encouraged to be good stewards of all that we have received from God, to serve Him in both word and deed for His glory.

The Rev Albert Vijay Joseph is the Pastor-in-Charge of Sembawang Tamil Methodist Church.

Sembawang Tamil Methodist Church
(Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference)
 No. 3 Yishun Street 11 (Level 3), S(768645)
Sunday Service
8.30 a.m. Tamil

WSCS cruise trip

Photos courtesy of Sembawang Tamil Methodist Church


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