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Spreading God’s love with TRACKERS

Jun 2011    

THE TRACKERS’ JOURNEY began unassumingly on Jan 12 at Paya Lebar Methodist Church (PLMC). Kicking off with a three-day two-night Boot Camp, 33 youth, ranging from 16 to 22 years old, from 15 TRAC and CAC churches gathered in the Haven Room at PLMC (soon to become our second home in the months to come).

Strangers to one another, we were unsuspecting of the exhilarating adventure that lay ahead – God was so ready to surprise us.

TRACKERS Phase 1 was marked by the Lecture Series that took place daily for the first six weeks of the programme. During this period, we were heavily immersed in the truth of God’s Word. While many of us were raised in a Christian environment, this was when much of the Lord’s truth was received as revelation in our hearts. We were seeing for the first time ourselves through His eyes, and learning what it truly means to be His disciple.

As sheep know their good Shepherd, so we also learnt to hear and recognise the voice of God, coming to love the Holy Spirit and all that is within us.

One experience indelibly imprinted on the hearts of many Trackers was a session devoted simply to enjoying the presence of our Lord. It was a celebration like no other, and God was our Guest-of-Honour. May He receive all the honour, because indeed it is He, and not the experience, who is so lovely.

As the end of February approached, one by one the five TRACKERS teams carried God’s love overseas into their respective mission fields: the Philippines, India, Myanmar, East Timor and Cambodia. We witnessed the hand of a powerful God who was not contained within the narrow boundaries of Singapore, but who had already been sweeping actively and mightily through the heart of every nation, every community, long before we existed and who continues long after we depart.

As we answered God’s invitation to simply join hands with Him in his work, we ended up being the ones blessed and transformed. For some of us it was being broken down by love while others were stretched to become bolder and stronger. In every instance God was there, faithfully providing, and caring for us in ways unimaginable. Each of us returned with a revelation of a God who loves so deeply and so intimately.

Back in Singapore, we then embarked on “missions” in our very own country, arriving at the final Internship Phase. Attached to organisations under the Methodist Welfare Services or local churches, this was a chance for us to love the people closest to home. God opened our eyes to see the needs of the very people we walk amongst, and concurrently allowed us a taste of full-time ministry, in all its struggles and rewards.

Over the past few months, I have come to know a God who is wonderful beyond my wildest imagination, and makes no secret about it. He longs for a personal relationship with every one of us, and if any Tracker should have thought the Christian life boring or stiff, that misconception was safely put to rest. Even as we now descend from the mountain top that TRACKERS could be described to be on a spiritual scale, we know that so much awaits us in the real world and that this journey of faith has only just begun.

Giselle Tham worships at Barker Road Methodist Church.


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