Sunny day greets placement of Cross at new Methodist Centre

Oct 2002    
The Cross (top) being placed on the rooftop of the new Methodist Church Headquarters. - Methodist Message picture.

FRIDAY Aug 30, 2002 was a bright, clear and sunny day, especially at 4 in the afternoon. A handful of faithfuls representing our three Annual Conferences, the staff and the various agencies of the Methodist Headquarters, ACS (Barker Road) and ACS (Primary), together with representatives from Barker Road Methodist Church gathered with the Bishop to witness the placement of the Cross at the new Methodist Centre at Barker Road.

Bishop Dr Robert Solomon in his brief but insightful meditation for the occasion explained the importance of the symbol of the Cross. Without equivocation he declared that the Cross reminds us of the Master we serve, the Message we preach, the Motivation of love which constrains us and the Methodology of Life which we are committed to – i.e. not to an easy discipleship but the crucified life where through the power of the Cross, the Christian believer “suffers all and conquers all in love”.

Other participants in the open-air service included the FAC Chairman, Mr Chan Fook Kay, and the Secretary of Trustees, Mr Kim Seah. Scripture passages were read by ETAC President, the Rev Dr Vinson Samuel, and TRAC President, the Rev Dr Isaac Lim, respectively. The CAC President, the Rev Khoo Cheng Hoot, was represented by the Rev Goh Aik Hiang, District Superintendent West, who led in the responsive reading.

Everyone watched as the large, 1.5-tonne steel Cross was lifted by crane and placed on the “Arrowhead” building shared by both the Methodist Headquarters and Barker Road Methodist Church. It is situated on the highest point of the highest building within the entire Barker Road complex and campus.

Cross to be luminous witness to community around

Lighted up at night, one can only imagine the silent but yet, beautiful luminous witness which will be radiated to the entire community around. Perhaps even in this silent witness, some passerby may be led to “survey the wondrous Cross on which the Prince of Glory died”.

During the day, the many students of ACS (BR), ACS (P), Barker Road Methodist Church Kindergarten, the residents of Oldham Hall and all other visitors to the Barker Road complex and campus will be able to see two Crosses on both the six-storey “Arrowhead” building and the sanctuary of Barker Road Methodist Church.

It will be an encouraging sight of twin Crosses tastefully and nicely spaced out between them, forming the focus and apex for the many sprawling buildings built up around. This will be especially evident to the visitor walking up from the bottom of the hill from the school clock tower towards the direction of the church sanctuary and the Methodist Headquarters behind.

The view would be that of two lovely steel Crosses in a pleasing symmetry with each other, waiting to welcome all visitors to the church or to the church offices at the top of the hill. A truly edifying sight for all who love the Cross of Jesus.

The Rev Malcolm Tan is Pastor-in-Charge of Barker Road Methodist Church.


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