The lost sheep found

Oct 2009    

The personal testimony of how a lost sheep was found many years ago is a refreshing reminder that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. It may perhaps help us remember the commitment we made at our baptism, often overlooked in the hurly burly of the busy world in which we live.


‘… BORN AND RAISED AS A HEATHEN in a poverty-stricken home, I had not heard of Jesus Christ our Lord and was in absolute darkness until late in 1928. I came across a book called Bible History. It was bound in yellow, illustrated throughout, and was meant for Catholic schools. I read it with great attention and it was thus that I rst heard the Word.

Some time later I decided to become a Christian. I revealed my intention to Mr Paul, a dresser here in the Alor Star hospital. He is a Methodist. Because of the fact that there was no ordained pastor coming to Alor Star he could do nothing for me, so baptism was not available that year and I remained a heathen.

Soon I was as worldly as ever and dri ed farther and farther away from our Saviour. Evils and sins were committed increasingly and unceasingly. I was guilty of one of the worst of sins which alone, to my mind, was su cient to condemn me to hell. Especially the year 1930 was wholly spent in sin.

One hundred per cent of the 365 days of that year spent in sin! I shuddered at the thought that I had already bought a ticket to hell by my sins and my misdoings.

What was I to do? Suicide would not save me or take away my sins; on the contrary it would increase them. Was I to cry over spilt milk and lament like a child? No use, I assured myself. Repentance then took possession of me. The weight of sins was heavy on my heart. A tired traveller in the desert needs water; the sick need a physician, but in my case I needed a Saviour and that Saviour was Jesus Christ our Lord.

I turned again to Mr Paul. is time he introduced me to the Rev Jesudason, who are hearing my story, arranged to have me baptised in Penang. You may be sure that I was wild with excitement. I was to be accepted into the Kingdom of Christ.

As was arranged I travelled to Penang to see the Rev Jesudason who then took me to the Rev W. A. Schurr of Penang Wesley Church who baptised me on the same day. From that day the heathen Ooi Ah Kow, who was on the way to the place of everlasting fire, became Albert Samuel Ooi, a Christian.

I was the sheep who had been in the very teeth of the wolf, one who was rescued by the Good Shepherd at the risk of His own life. Thank God for our victory through Jesus Christ.’ – MM Sept 1931, p. 27, slightly edited.

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