We are ‘workplace ministers’

Feb 2010    



“It’s not always smooth sailing. Shining for Him is not easy especially during times of intense pressure. Tempers fray and human strength and wisdom prevail over seeking God and His wisdom and strength in dealing with issues.”

I BELIEVE GOD HAS CALLED MANY to be “workplace ministers”. Church starts on Sunday but continues Monday to Saturday. Workplace ministers glorify God’s name and extend the Kingdom of God in the workplace.

I was humbled when a team member told me that as a CEO of the company, the team saw me as the “pastor” of the company.

I recall how a senior member of the team caught in the torrential fl ash fl oods in Mumbai sent me an SMS in her plight as the fl ood waters almost submerged the car she was in. She sent out an urgent SMS to pray for their lives. I remember going on my knees pleading to God to save them. God did, by sending a group of locals who swam out to save them. God does work in the workplace!

Yet it’s not always smooth sailing. Shining for Him is not easy especially during times of intense pressure.

Tempers fray and human strength and wisdom prevail over seeking God and His wisdom and strength in dealing with issues.

As I look back though, all the success at work is only by the grace and mercy of God and His everlasting kindness and love, provision and protection.

In my 29 years of work life, I have seen three major purposes.

1. All the success and achievements I have are given by God and for me to glorify His name and testify to His goodness. God has blessed me and I can be a channel of blessing to others. I am thankful.

2. I can continue to be a pillar of prayer for all nations even at the workplace – praying for each individual, for salvation, encouragement, wisdom. As the company expands globally, I see this purpose fulfilled before me as I pray for members of the team in 33 cities.

3. I can continue to encourage and motivate colleagues to pursue work excellence.

I am still in the learning process and God is moulding me. I am excited to see how God can be glorified in the workplace hopefully through me. By Choe Peng Sum

Choe Peng Sum, the Chief Executive Offi cer of Frasers Hospitality Pte Ltd, is the Chairman of the PPRSC of Barker Road Methodist Church.

MMS charity golf on May 5

THE METHODIST MISSIONS SOCIETY (MMS) will hold the fund-raising Golf Tournament 2010 at Raffles Country Club (Lake Course) on May 5 at 1.15 pm ((shot-gun start).

The Hole-in-One prize is a Subaru Outback 3.0R.

As The Methodist Church in Singapore is celebrating its 125th Anniversary this year, the MMS is reminded that as Methodists we should “do all the good we can, in all the ways we can, to all the souls we can, in every place we can, at all the times we can, with all the zeal we can, as long as ever we can”.

Bishop Dr Robert Solomon will be the Guest-of-Honour, and the Rev Dr Norman Wong, the immediate past Executive Director of the MMS, the Special Guest for this event.

This third MMS Golf Tournament is primarily aimed at raising funds for the hundreds of students and children living in the rural areas in Cambodia, China, Laos, Nepal, Thailand, Timor Leste and Vietnam. Your gift will provide a glimmer of hope to improve their lives, help them to break out of their poverty cycle, and eventually to become self-supporting and responsible people.

The MMS encourages church members to do their part in helping to improve the lives of these young people by:

• Participating in the Golf Tournament (Clarence Cup 2010);
• Placing an advertisement in the souvenir programme, which is being produced; and
• Donating in cash or kind.

The registration fee is $350 per golfer, and forms are available from your churches and the MMS website, www.mms.org.sg


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