Youth specialist joins TTC as lecturer

Aug 2006    

THE Rev Dr Steve Emery-Wright from Cornwall, England, has joined Trinity Theological College as a Lecturer in Youth Ministry.

He is both a US and UK citizen. He was born in the US and ordained in the United Methodist Church. He has served churches as a minister in the US for eight years, the UK for 12 years, and New Zealand for five years.

He has a Ph.D in Practical Theology (Thesis in Youth Worship) from Oxford Brookes and an M.Div from Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky, the US. His BA is in Biblical Literature.

He married Lorraine while pastoring a church in Cornwall from 1987 to 1990. They have a 16-year-old daughter.

Dr Emery-Wright has either specialised or held a keen interest in youth ministry throughout his 25 years in ordained ministry and as a youth worker before that. He has run large local youth programmes, community- based youth ministries, assisted with national youth events, and has been the pastor in charge of churches with both small and large youth ministries.

Most recently he has worked in the Cornwall District of the British Methodist Church as a youth ministry trainer and as an adviser in youth worship for the British Methodist Church youth programme.

He has several goals for the youth ministry development at Trinity Theological College.

These include raising the awareness of youth ministry issues; practice and theology among ministers going into general ministry; training and equipping ministers who choose to be youth ministry specialists; raising the professional standing and profile of youth ministry and ministers; and providing lay training for youth workers in Singapore.

Dr Emery-Wright believes there is no higher calling or more important calling than to work with young people.

Youth ministry, he feels, is not a stepping stone to “real ministry” but a specialist ministry within the field of church work. Therefore, he says, it is vital that those who are called to work with young people are adequately equipped.


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